Leftover Spaces in Accra


Image: Documenting a Leftover Space in Accra – Underneath the King Tackie Tawiah Overpass


A common manifestation of leftover space (Spaces Left Over After Planning) in Accra is the underneath and in-between of expressways. These spaces are often used by various actors in the city. Some of the most common uses are:

a. Sleeping spaces for homeless individuals.

b. Places of refuge for the mentally challenged

c. A hiding place for criminals who attack pedestrians

d. Informal commercial activities.


Left over urban space has huge potential to be transformed into spaces for social good and public spaces. They can become catalyst or expressive points for urban activities – for instance – art, music and design and petty commerce.


The sociarchi proposal…

A series of bottom-up approaches – citizen-led transformations of leftover spaces around the city, beginning with those under expressways. We can achieve this in phases (incrementally) through:

Non-intrusive (digital) Occupation

Flash Physical Occupation

Temporal Physical Occupation

Full Transformation



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