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One Year Later, The Omanjor Reading Project - We spoke to some students and teachers and we have great news! After we finished the project, Omanjor D/A JHS recorded remarkably improved BECE scores. Three of the students got into Mawuli SHS, which is a good high school, and a first for them. Now we aren't saying we're responsible for the hard work of the teachers and students, but they told us that the reading shed and green space we built for them greatly improved their school experience. Don't believe us? See and hear for yourself! (NB: The sound quality is bad, and our clients are rather shy)
Greening Ghanaian Schools - More than 3 years ago, with only GhC 1280, and the priceless help of students and staff from Nkwantanang JHS, and a group of amazing contributors and volunteers, we built a playground and inserted much needed greenery in the Nkwantanang School compound. A year ago, we upped the ante with a beautiful injection of greenery […]
Leftover Spaces in Accra - Image: Documenting a Leftover Space in Accra – Underneath the King Tackie Tawiah Overpass   A common manifestation of leftover space (Spaces Left Over After Planning) in Accra is the underneath and in-between of expressways. These spaces are often used by various actors in the city. Some of the most common uses are: a. Sleeping spaces for homeless […]
Design Literacy Sessions - We run design literacy sessions for a group of masons to teach them basics of design, and understanding architectural drawings among others. We learn about realities of constructing and issues around interactions between ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ construction industry workers from them.
Building Inclusive Spaces, Adoagyiri Primary School - Nsawam-Adoagyiri is home to the only public orthopaedic hospital in the Ghana – people come from all over the country to access medical services at the Orthopaedic Hospital, resulting in a relatively high resident population of people with disabilities in the town. In spite of this reality however, public buildings and spaces are inaccessible to people […]
Benching the City - The quality of surrounding landscape directly affects quality of life. As cities in Africa get bigger and more crowded, making adequate provision for landscaped surroundings is vital.  Well-designed cities aid positive interaction and serve as a backdrop for enriched experiences.   Ghanaian cities are rapidly devolving – Kumasi for instance has lost is lustre as “the garden […]
The Making of the Omanjor Reading Project - The reading area for students in the Omanjor M/A School is intended to be used by students during break time and other leisure periods for reading, relaxing and studying. The school runs a shift system, and most times when afternoon batch students arrive early/ morning batch goes overtime, students have nowhere to sit as they wait […]
The Omanjor Reading Project #NVDay15 - For National Volunteer Day 2015, sociarchi is collaborating with Utopia-Wishlist on their Omanjor Reading Project. Utopia-Wishlist is a group of vibrant young individuals who have come together to make a difference in the lives of people in Ghana, focusing on the education of children in deprived areas. For the past three years, Utopia-Wishlist has been working […]
Old Fadama: Resources For Nuanced Analysis - In Accra, following the devastating effects of June 3 floods, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly embarked on a demolition exercise in the Old Fadama area. The local authorities rode on the waves of fear, trauma and anger to place the blame for the floods squarely on the shoulders of residents of Old Fadama. And in addition, other […]
Francis Kere is Exactly the Kind of Architect Africa Needs - I, like many others, am often dazzled by the brilliance of the great starchitects, and I cannot help but feel a deep pride when I see David Adjaye’s name in the headlines as he wins yet another competition. I live in Ghana and although I’m bombarded left, right and centre with various versions of the “Africa […]