Building Inclusive Spaces, Adoagyiri Primary School

Nsawam-Adoagyiri is home to the only public orthopaedic hospital in the Ghana – people come from all over the country to access medical services at the Orthopaedic Hospital, resulting in a relatively high resident population of people with disabilities in the town. In spite of this reality however, public buildings and spaces are inaccessible to people with disabilities.

For children with disabilities, this affects their right to education –  over a hundred of them are unable to access any school in the area, and thus they stay at home, with no opportunities to learn and interact with their peers. Through the tireless efforts of Sefakor Komabu, herself a person with disability resident in Nsawam, a public school right behind the Orthopaedic Hospital has been made available for retrofitting.

Once the school is retrofitted and made accessible and inclusive, more than one hundred children with disabilities living in the vicinity will be able to get a formal education. In addition, the five teachers with disability who work in the school will finally be able to move around and use school facilities freely and easily.


The main components of this project are:
(1) creating access paths in the school for easy use by people with disabilities,
(2) building disabled toilets for use by children and teachers with disabilities,
(3) retrofitting classrooms for use by children with disabilities,
(4) providing play equipment for use by children with disabilities ,
(5) retrofitting other school facilities for use by children and teachers with disabilities


Construction will utilise eco-friendly and recycled materials (such as bamboo, earth bricks and pavers, and recycled plastic pavers) as much as possible to reduce environmental impact.


To get the project going, we are aiming to raise an amount of GhC 85,000 which will cover costs of paving, providing grab rails, benches, ramps, repairing an access bridge, and building accessible toilets.




Golda Addo>> email: goldaaddo[at] |  twitter: @GHANAmomoni | phone: 0244 828 322

Sociarchi >> email: sociarchi[at] | twitter: @sociarchi | phone: 0208 725 875


Please join us to make this possible, by donating cash, materials and even your time.

Watch this space for  updates and information on how to volunteer.


Read: “Over 30 percent of Ghanaian disabled children not schooling


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