The Making of the Omanjor Reading Project

The reading area for students in the Omanjor M/A School is intended to be used by students during break time and other leisure periods for reading, relaxing and studying. The school runs a shift system, and most times when afternoon batch students arrive early/ morning batch goes overtime, students have nowhere to sit as they wait and thus the area can also serve as waiting space. The compound is completely bare – there is practically no vegetative cover – and so the reading space is an opportunity to introduce some much needed greenery into the environment.

In making the reading space, the students, teachers and members of the community are involved as much as possible. This is to try to impart a sense of civic responsibility and more importantly instill a sense of ownership + responsibility for the space in all stakeholders.


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A. Site Visit – Omanjor M/A School.



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B. Design Stage + Stakeholder Engagement



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C. Procuring Materials



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D. Construction!

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