The Omanjor Reading Project #NVDay15

For National Volunteer Day 2015, sociarchi is collaborating with Utopia-Wishlist on their Omanjor Reading Project.

Utopia-Wishlist is a group of vibrant young individuals who have come together to make a difference in the lives of people in Ghana, focusing on the education of children in deprived areas. For the past three years, Utopia-Wishlist has been working with pupils of Omanjor M/A School to improve reading skills. The group has regular reading sessions with the pupils on weekends, supplementing the work being done by the teachers in the school. Through a fundraising and sponsorship drive, Utopia-Wishlist was able to convert a small store room available on the premises into a book storage space and succeeded in stocking it with a few hundred books!

The next steps

The book storage space is small, and there are few spaces available for pupils to read on their own. Thus, Utopia-Wishlist and sociarchi are collaborating to construct a reading area in the school. This is meant to be a cool, shaded and relaxing space where pupils can sit to read the books provided. The entire school is excited about this project and other children in the community who do not attend the Omanjor D/A school will also be able to benefit from the library project and the open reading space.

How you can help

Show up on the 19th from 10:00am, 20th from 11:00am and the 21st from 11:00am to help us put the space together.

Donate money to the project. A small amount of money goes a long way. Contact kuukuwa[at]sociarchi[dot]com to donate.

Donate books, materials such as paint, plants, cement, grass, wood, wooden crates and shipping palettes for the project. Contact kuukuwa[at]sociarchi[dot]com to donate.

Registration Form

Location & Directions

via google maps 5.637808,-0.294650

Directions Using Public Transport 

Board a Sowutuom trotro from the Lapaz station to the Sowutuom Last Stop. At the last stop, take an Omanjor-bound trotro or taxi (dropping) to the Omanjor M/A School. Get off at Transformer bus stop, which is just next to the school.


Board an Omanjor trotro from Ofankor barrier and get off at the Omanjor M/A School. The bus stop is known as ‘Transformer’ (NB: Direct trotros to Omanjor from the main stations usually take a long time to load, which is why it’s advisable to go through Sowutuom)

Utopia logo         logo 3 

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